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We enjoy it—the fans enjoy it. Thoroughly co-opted by the mainstream culture industry, it had gone from subcultural phenomenon to marketing strategy, a fashion impulse sold to those who could afford the look. A year later, when "A Quick One" was released, the Who, while still retaining some modish inclinations, had been transformed into a full-blown, ear bleeding, auto-destructing, rock and roll pop art experience.

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There was not another band like them, but they were not the only ones testing the limits of rock songwriting and performance. The Beatles and Stones, still the benchmarks by which virtually every English band was judged, were always upping the ante, as were the Kinks, but the landscape now included Pink Floyd and Cream, bands more concerned with artistic expression and instrumental virtuosity than mere chart success.

In January , Chris Stamp flew to New York to whip up a little enthusiasm for the band amongst label management, only to be greeted with a lack of interest, commitment, and direction. From mod to pop art music to the emergence of psychedelic bohemianism all part of a burgeoning rock and roll-oriented, youth-driven culture industry , London was, from through , in a near-constant state of flux. Our worst year yet, at the best schools Teru Clavel.

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The Who Sell Out

The Darkness. In the words of zefrank, a sellout "doesn't have to do with actually having money, it has to do with the perception that your pursuit of popularity and potentially making money has caused you to sacrifice your core values. Well why don't I take a poll and see what the community wants me to do? A word that would be useful if stupid poseurs didn't use it all the time. Proper usage: That band alienated their fan base and changed their style according to what the record company wants, that means they're sellouts. The Oreo Game Cotton Money Yiffed Milkyway What a cool record.

There is really nothing else like it.

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PacificOceanBlue , Nov 10, It's so strange and sad to think this album didn't really do too well commercially, at the time. Surferghost and Spazaru like this. There weren't too many successful Who singles in the U.

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I Can See for Miles blew away much of the competition musically, but they didn't have the history in the U. I finally got Sell Out and was pleasantly surprised. Very satirical and it rocked out when it needed to.

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That's not a bad summary of Sell Out in one side! Although it's missing some of the top tracks, you get an idea of the album pretty much.

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Album Review 3: The Who Sell Out

My favorite Who album, nothing else comes close. I still have my original copy bought when I was a freshman in high school. Love it, love it, love it, and the vintage radio jingles surrounding it, to this day I get transported back when I hear them and then that high pitched guitar whine of the Armenia intro.

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Location: Fort lauderdale. Armenia City in the sky is an excellent song and album opener. Never knew that Keene was singing co-lead. In any case, this is the Who sound that I like most. Contrary to what has been posted, I do not find its style too different from other tracks in the album e. I can see for miles and Our love was, is.