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Entering classes, assignments and exams into Timetable is a great way to get the semester off to a good start. Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days. I went on a ladies retreat with our church over the weekend and helped organize it. So I'm a little behind! It was a lovely time at a lovely location, called Wilderness Edge. And we were in the wilderness! Perfect weather in the 70's - especially timely since we have snow in the forecast this week! Let's get on to our blog post, shall we? I discovered an inexpensive way to get those cords under control: binder clips!

A couple of binder clips lift those cords off the floor, removing that horrible eyesore! Monday, September 16, Organizing with Velcro. Here's another great organizing idea I found when searching the internet. Kuzak's Closet suggested using adhesive Velcro dots to keep organizing baskets from moving around your drawers.

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Great, simple, irritation-busting idea! As a result of moving to Montana, my husband and I have a different set of emergencies to anticipate than when living in Ohio or Maryland. As a result, we had a conversation recently on how to prepare for such eventualities. First, we identified those emergencies we might face. No longer do we need to prepare for tornadoes, though, as we did in the other two locations.

Next, we identified the ramifications of those emergencies. It could mean no heat, no connection with the outside world, lack of water, no indoor cooking facilities , being stuck in snow, being cold. Third, we identified action items to prepare for these possible emergencies. We already have car chargers for them. My husband already has a couple of pairs.

What emergencies might you face in your area and how will you prepare for them? I've been searching around the internet for great organizing ideas, and found t his one : fake pull-out drawers.

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Using plastic containers as you would drawers allows you to pull out the container and find what you need easily. Good-bye standing on your head to find those things in the back. Nothing gets lost or forgotten. Brilliant idea!! Better Homes and Gardens ideas for repurposing old furniture: "Improve the functionality of your kitchen -- without spending a lot -- by transforming an old furniture piece into a work space.

Any table or chest can be enlisted as an island stand-in, provided it can be adjusted to the right height. This narrow table, painted white and outfitted with a beveled-glass topper, now serves as a delightful dining area in this tiny kitchen. Labels: Kitchen , Organizing , Saving Money. When I had kids at home, I would rethink life when school started, in January and at the beginning of summer.

Each of these times marked when schedules changed. In light of these schedule changes, I'd think through my schedule and our family's schedule. All of us were active, and if I didn't intentionally rethink life, things would start falling through the cracks and we'd miss important events or need to be in several places at once!

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I'd think through my passions, priorities, gifts and how these lined up with my schedule. I wanted to make sure that I was investing my limited time in those things that were most important to me. And it gave me an opportunity to remove those things that no longer mattered as much.

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A great time to evaluate! As an empty nester, my schedule is not nearly as complicated as when we had kids at home, but I still want to be very intentional about how I spend my time. At every age, it's important to align your life with your passions, priorities, gifts and the legacy you want to leave future generations! If you're inspired to rethink life, I'd love to help! A simple step-by-step plan is included in all my time management books. Live life intentionally!

Labels: Priorities , Time Management. I've shared this idea before, but the picture is so much nicer on Redbook's post! I've been storing my sheets like this for a few years now. I used to tie ribbons around sets of sheets a la Martha Stewart, but I love this idea so much more! You never have to wonder if the sheets match, especially if you have a bunch of white sheets, for example!

1. Pack peace of mind.

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