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Were there thoughts to adding some sort of intro? And we thought, You know what? So why not take advantage? Why not finish hard on a cliffhanger and the next one just jump straight back in? It was a rare opportunity. You have to be able to shoot them at the same time to be brave enough to do that.

And hey, in six months time, they will be on DVD and they are just going to run together anyway.

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Of course people will be doing a marathon of Hobbit films once they come out, just like they did with Lord of the Rings. Well, you have to talk about the nutcases that do the marathon of watching all six! But they are nonetheless connected and they feed into each other and are in the same world. There are so many moving parts.

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How do you keep something like that together, narratively speaking? Um, yes. It is. But in a way, the battle is almost a distraction. Because really you could have these characters running through the streets of New York and you can have the same issues. So the battle is almost irrelevant, in a funny way.

So we have all these narratives now, which are thundering towards a conclusion and we are just having to weave them all together so that you feel like the pace is working. At the very least, I feel like you upped the cool factor with this battle. Particularly with Legolas and the scene where he climbs up a crumbling tower. Legolas is fun. When we did The Lord of the Rings , we shot some cool stuff in the first one where he pulls arrows out and fires them fast, and I thought that was incredibly clever.

And then The Two Towers came along and we came up with that thing where he slides down the stairs on the shield, which was just a throwaway gag. But also in The Two Towers , we had the scene where he was jumping on a horse. The horse was supposed to stop and he was supposed to climb on the horse like a normal person… And before we got to that, Orlando fell off the horse and cracked a rib. We kept on shooting for another year So in the cutting room, we got a plate of a horse and put a CGI guy getting on him.

With the freedom of doing that, we were able to do a non-human, flip-y thing. So when that film came out, audiences literally cheered. It was a cheer that we got for something that was a complete fluke. And then we did pickups for Return of the King , we just felt we had to top that. In fact, and correct me if I am wrong, I feel like there are way more beheadings in this trilogy than Lord of the Rings , many of which come at the hands of Legolas. There probably are. One of the weird things with these films, which I must confess I actually quite enjoy, we sit around thinking how we are going to kill an Orc.

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You actually turn into a psychopath. And actually I can think of a hell of a great way to kill Orcs but I am always restricted by PG, unfortunately. Oh all sorts of great things. I will tell you what, you wait for the extended cut of this film. There are a few Orc killings that we actually got knocked back. But there will be a little bit of Orc killing to be seen in the extended cut. There was a bit of an uproar from Tolkien purists about her being included in So it depends on what side of the track you want to come from. But sorry, I interrupted you….

Oh yes. We had a very thin book that we had to create characters with some different complexity. The dwarves move from one place to the other. So the elves in the Woodland Realm were an obvious [choice]. And there are no particular elf characters——you just have this one guy. So that gave us a clue. So we wanted a third elf character. Was this a chance to put a female role in the story? Because there are so few female roles. Also you do have a lot of young girls seeing this film, and they should have somebody in there who they can empathize with.

It was a very cold-blooded decision. Yes, OK, a female elf.

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And that was how it came about…. I just think of all those eight-year-old, nine-year-old, year-old girls who come to see these films. Who are they going to actually empathize with? At least they have Tauriel. At least they know how to kill Orcs now. So that could come in handy one day. We are teaching girls good skills! Were there any filmmaking lessons you learned on The Lord of the Rings that you took with you on The Hobbit?

But the thing with The Hobbit I will tell you I went into it very unprepared. And I was sick. Eventually, Legolas came to Ithilien with some of his people, with his father's leave, to live out his remaining time in Middle-earth helping to restore the woodlands that had been war-torn. After Aragorn's death, Legolas made a ship in Ithilien and left Middle-earth to go over the sea.

His strong friendship with Gimli prompted Legolas to invite him to go to the Undying Lands ; making him the first and only Dwarf to do so. He was never seen again in Middle-earth.


It consists of the Sindarin words laeg "green" and golas "a collection of leaves, foliage, being a prefixed collective form of las s "leaf". There might, however, be a certain meaning to his name: laeg is a very rare, archaic word for "green", which is normally replaced by calen cf. It may be that Thranduil named his son Legolas to at least in part refer to this people, who were remote kin and ancestors of the later Silvan Elves, the people Thranduil ruled. Although he lived among them and in their culture, Legolas was not fully of the Silvan Elves.

As a son of the Elven-king Thranduil , who had originally come from Doriath , Legolas was at least part Sindarin Elf , as his mother's identity is completely unknown. This is complicated by the fact that a small minority of Sindarin Elves ruled the predominantly Silvan Woodland Realm of Northern Mirkwood , a minority to which Legolas belonged. The Sindarin minority in that realm, who should have been nobler and wiser than the Silvan Elves can be seen as having "gone native" at the end of the First Age : after Morgoth was defeated and all of the grand Elf-kingdoms of Beleriand were destroyed, they can be seen as going back to "a simpler time" in their culture.

Like all elves , Legolas had a great respect and appreciation for nature. While in Fangorn Forest he longed to return once more in order to explore its wonders more thoroughly. He was kind, and cares greatly for his friends, even Gimli the Dwarf , though it was a rarity for Elves and Dwarves to express a liking for one another because of their feud. Due to his age, however, he sometimes seemed rather patronizing toward the mortals around him. Tolkien does not specifically give Legolas' age but many have used what details Tolkien does give to hazard a guess.

There are no known dates concerning Legolas before TA That would mean he's at most years old which places his birthdate in the latter part of the Second Age , at the earliest. But when the Shadow fell, they "retreated before it as it spread ever northward, until at last Thranduil established his realm in the north-east of the forest and delved there a fortress and great halls underground. This would make him younger than any other elf character in the series, including Arwen. In The Lord of the Rings , Legolas refers to his travelling companions many times as "children". Yet when he arrived at Fangorn , he claimed to feel young compared to the forest, saying, "It is old, very old.

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  5. So old that I almost I feel young again, as I have not felt since I journeyed with you children. As an Elf, Legolas had the abilities typical of his race.

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    He could walk silently grass and snow leaving minimal footprints, allowing him to advance unhindered. His eyes were sharper than that of Men, seeing through great distances and in the dark. He could even sleep while walking, which contributed to allowing him to travel 45 leagues in less than four days with Aragorn and Gimli. He tamed unruly horses with only a few words, without needing reins or saddles. Legolas famously used an Elven bow, as well as a long, white knife. He would prefer to pierce his enemies from afar, but his dagger was sometimes used for close combat.

    The Elves in J. Tolkien's legendarium were often associated as "fairy-like" beings who grew great in stature. However, when Legolas was visually rendered as "pretty or lady-like", Tolkien was "wrathful" and added a description as Legolas as:.