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A snobbish, upper-crust s newsreel presenter played by Jon Glover. In the second series this gave way to a series of public information films that would advise, amongst other things, that women refrain from driving and participating in complex conversations as this would lead to insanity or that babies be given gin to ensure a good night's sleep. The characters also appeared in a series of TV adverts for Mercury Communications.

The sketch Women: Know Your Limits! Some other sketches within the show also use the s newsreel format, but are not connected to any specific character. An infuriating know-it-all father who advised various people with both household tasks and diverse jobs, such as a football pundit.

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This was Enfield's take on the traditional "mother-in-law" stereotype. His catchphrase, on encountering someone, or entering a room is "Only me! An obnoxious pair of old men who take great delight in persecuting younger people — although they do branch out by being cruel to other groups of people, so as not to discriminate.

Blade of the Hierophant

However, in the case of one of their more famous sketches, Alf Git finds his childhood sweetheart, showing that he once had a kinder side. A superhero team who are forced to encounter everyday problems such as opening a bank account. Their members are "Law Man" Wielder of the mighty sword of Dobber , "Fire Man" Whose fiery balls of fire can start fires played by Nathaniel Parker , " Kometh the Ice Man" and Apparently the most powerful of all "She Woman Cat Type Thing" - who has the superpower of regurgitating fur balls - celebrated by the others as "her amazing regurgitative powers".

They often say such things as "Dey do dough, don't dey dough" They do though, don't they though , and "Alright! Calm down, calm down", which is what one of them says when the other two start arguing. Frank and George Doberman are a pair of opinionated, middle-aged men who spend their time in the pub discussing celebrities they admire.

World Championship Blacksmiths Craig Trnka, CJF - Concave Hunter Hind Caulk & Wedge

Most are only referred by their surnames, or outrageous alternative names. They describe a kind gesture they would make to the celebrity if they ever met, but then get distracted by an implausible, hypothetical situation and become irate by their own story. George's temper never reaches the same level as Frank's, but as the series progresses, George becomes increasingly strained by Frank's behavior.

Another recurring joke is that both men believe Frank's son may be homosexual, but they avoid discussing it because Frank hasn't yet come to terms with it.

The character was based on a neighbour in a block of flats that Enfield lived in at the time who would insist on deliberately addressing him by his surname. It is believed that the characters were based primarily on Mike Read , Simon Bates and Tony Blackburn , though other then-current DJs such as Alan Freeman were also believed to have influenced the writers. Each skit would feature the pair's love of " You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet " by Bachman—Turner Overdrive , seemingly the only record they ever played — although they were shown playing other records at the introduction of several sketches.

The pair would also try to outdo each other with deliberate mentions of charidee charity work for which the pair would ostensibly claim to be keeping hush-hush. The two, particularly Smashie, briefly appeared in a series of TV commercials for Fab ice-cream lollies.

MARK SAINSBURY: Has the Aaron Smith incident caused any arguments in your household?

An affluent couple who spoke with exaggerated Brummie accents and were forever informing people that "We are considerably richer than yow! Unfortunately, Stan's determination to show off his wealth is matched by his fury when he comes across someone 'considerably' richer than him, such as when they try to boast while on holiday to a scruffily-dressed man who turns out to own the hotel they're staying in or when their in-laws win the lottery and become multi-millionaires.

An upper-class twit who is usually being ripped off by one of his 'jolly nice' prep-school chums.

Keeper of the Sword of Dobber

He is an exaggerated version of "posh" yet pleasant and stupid people that Enfield knew. He is a fictional Old Ardinian with an eccentric public school-influenced dress sense involving jeans and a school blazer worn over a striped rugby shirt. They wrote the character as an antidote to contemporary portrayals of ex-public schoolboys as sharp-minded, high-achieving young men, and instead chose to base the character on former school contemporaries who had plenty of money and good manners but were light of intellect. Tim's catchphrase is "What an absolutely, thoroughly, bloody nice bloke!

The character appeared in TV adverts promoting British meat in the late s and early s. The adverts were pulled because of the foot-and-mouth crisis. He represents a city banker and it is revealed that Adam Jarvis is his brother.

Time will tell.

Tim has many things in common with Prince Charles, and was briefly engaged to a woman with a similar personality who has a strong resemblance to Diana Windsor. However, neither character was meant to be a direct parody. A repulsive thirteen-year-old with glaringly out-of-date ideas about the world, based on a cross between a snobbish, unpopular boy who went to school with Enfield, and a younger version of William Hague.

Enfield also claimed to have mixed more recent Conservative politicians such as Michael Howard and Michael Portillo together in the character, on the allegation that they were "Tory Boys who have never grown up. Derived from one of Burke's stand-up skits A benefit-dependent, lower-class couple with a lack of personal hygiene who spend most of their time smoking a fag or eating pizzas.

Wayne and Waynetta argue constantly over everything, including the name of their child whom they eventually name Frogmella because "it's exotic". Later, another daughter is named Spudulika after Waynetta's favourite fast-food franchise Spudulike. A third child, which Waynetta calls Canoe supposedly named after actor Keanu Reeves , was born of an affair Wayne had with Naomi Campbell which resulted in octuplets. Canoe completes the family, with the 'brown baby' Waynetta always wanted since all the other mothers on the estate had one.

The couple win the lottery and also win a holiday; but the aircraft crashes because they are so overweight, and they end up stranded in the jungle. Enfield based the Slobs on a couple with a similar lifestyle who lived in the flat below his in his younger days. Waynetta was played by Kathy Burke. After he storms out, the host approaches an unnamed guest who is very clearly supposed to be Adams. While this second guest is smiley and charismatic, his gestures indicate his anecdote has a violent double-meaning. Enfield has since admitted this sketch was loosely based on an abandoned idea called "The Gerry Adams Family", but claims that no-one else wanted to do it in case it caused offence.

George is a stereotypical insensitive plain speaking Yorkshireman; unfortunately he usually finds himself in a position of responsibility requiring creativity and sensitivity. When first introduced it is stated with approval by the other characters in the sketch that "Integrity is his middle name", only for them to discover that this is only true in a literal sense. Only featured in 'Harry Enfields Television Programme', Jack, a generic Tory politician and Freddie, a generic Labour Party politician are portrayed as acting like typical infant school children who frequently squabble over the benefits of their various policies in the manner of a playground-style argument.

Dobbers: Quest for the Key, RPG, deck building, quest TTBG by Darryl Jones — Kickstarter

One particular sketch featured then-member of parliament David Steel , a prominent Liberal Democrat against whom Freddie and Jack unite during a birthday party. This sketch has become more dated than most due to Freddie's frequent references to the EEC. Diam did a number of adverts featuring Harry Enfield's Television Programme characters. Kevin the Teenager appeared in an advert for Pillsbury Toaster Pockets. The Self-Righteous Brothers appeared in a series of British Hula Hoops advertisements that explained that if a consumer found a square Hula Hoop in a packet, he or she would win a prize, with Frank stubbornly and aggressively maintaining that "Hula Hoops are round, they'll stay round, and they'll be around forever!

Frank alone then did some adverts for madasafish.

It was then to be released on 19 November , but was delayed once again to 11 March , it has since been cancelled. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Kevin the Teenager. Main article: The Scousers. Main article: Smashie and Nicey. Main article: Tory Boy.

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They give her a hard time, even make fun of her crying not knowing it is about her father's recent death. Lommy assigns her the nickname "Lumpyhead" made into "Lumpyface" by Hot Pie once and later picked up by Rorge , which Arry finds worse than "Arya Horseface", as she used to be called in Winterfell. Arry is especially irked that the two orphans taunt her about Needle , questioning that it's a real sword and, if it is, how she has come into its possession. When Lommy tells her she should hand Needle over to Hot Pie, who he claims killed a boy once, and Hot Pie grabs for the sword, she snaps and savagely beats Hot Pie bloody with her wooden practice sword.