The Pocket Life Coach: Coach Yourself to Health and Happiness

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We also revisit the main attributes of good mental hygiene and then dive into the ins and outs of exactly what it means to be in full control of your mind.

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On this episode, we take a look at what it means to be an emotionally healthy human being and go over the five emotional skills you need to get there. This week we take a look at what modern mental health is all about and how it differs from happiness. It's easy to get caught up in what you think you're "supposed" to look like in order to be worthy, to be lovable, but Kara and I are going to break down why feelings of self-loathing don't go away even when you lose a lot of weight without doing the work on your thoughts.

This week, we take a deeper dive into the topic of thinking big and what it really means to think strategically to produce incredible results in the world.

I go over the immense benefits and what some may consider drawbacks of this type of thinking and show you how to actually do it in your life and business. We also explore the biggest misconceptions about our eating and drinking habits, as well as weight loss, and discuss our relationships with food. I also explain how you can use The Self Coaching Model to better navigate this difficult time of your life.

I talk about how having a broad emotional vocabulary can help you live from the future and practice being who you most want to be. And I share several great exercises for expanding your emotional toolbelt so that you can deepen your relationship with yourself, relationships with others, and experience the full range of emotions that life has to offer. Today, I want to share my experience of the success that I have achieved through applying The Model in all areas of my life and business.

Join me as I talk about my money mindset, dealing with advice from others, the reason why we should always continue growing, and other important lessons I learned from my personal success.

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Today, we take an in-depth look at the five main neurotransmitters — dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin, and cortisol — how they evolved over time and how they affect our brain. Tune in to find out exactly how neurotransmitters affect you and how you can utilize them for your benefit. Some of the most painful experiences that we endure in our life happen when we resist the pain and create a lot of unnecessary suffering in the process. This week, I want to talk to you about thinking about pain in a different way to make it much more manageable. Same goes for managers and executives.

I think this process is a great metaphor for life and how we handle relationships and people. On this episode, we talk about the thoughts that prevent you from getting from where you are right now to where you want to be, where these thoughts come from, and how to become aware of them. Today, I want you to consider the difference between wanting to believe something and actually believing it.

Join me on this episode to find out exactly what you need to do to make yourself strong enough to keep setting bigger goals and keep making your life so much more interesting…. However, a lot of people still struggle to fully understand exactly how to bridge the gap between the circumstance and a wanted result. On this episode, we dive in deeper and talk about an advanced concept that I call The Aligned Model — The Model where the circumstance matches your result and how exactly to get there.

Today, I am excited to share with you teachings of one of my favorite authors, Jim Collins. Join me as we look at topics like becoming great vs good, the power of having the right people in the right places in your life, how to examine and deal with raw facts, and how exactly you can become great. On this episode, we take a deep dive into the process of looking at making decisions and explore how you should consider analyzing your alternative futures.

I also explain why you should never choose a negative future and how you can choose the future that will best serve you in achieving your goals and dreams. We also take a look at the importance of noticing the judgment you impart on others and how that affects your ability to enjoy more positivity-filled thoughts. Join me to find out how to gain an awareness of your unconscious negativity and how to navigate the tricky environment created by having that awareness in a way that actually serves you.

Join me to find out how you can identify the villain within you that treats you terribly; learn to love that part of you and, at the same time, set clear boundaries. This week, I revisit the concept of believing the thoughts that a future you, who already has what you want, would be thinking in order to reach any goal in life. Listen in to discover how you can visit your future and create an unshakable commitment to believing in your dreams and getting to them no matter what.

Many of you ask me about the thoughts that I believe and practice on a regular basis. So today, I share ten new thoughts to believe and give you some background on why I think they are useful. On this episode of The Life Coach School Podcast , we take a look at some of the most common beliefs that cause them pain and examine whether they are really the truth or simply lies that were taught to them by others. I share my thoughts on the lies most of us are taught on the topics of getting your feelings hurt, the results of hard work, earning money, negative emotions, winning, and many others, so you can hopefully begin questioning them in your own life.

Listen in to find out how you can kick self-sabotage to the curb and take control of your life and your future. Join me this week as we take a look at the two types of discomfort we can experience and explore the power of experiencing the type of discomfort that comes with growing on purpose.

One of the most important things that I talk about to my students is the idea that anything is possible for their life now. And that the reason why they may not be believing in their future is because they are trying to build their future by drawing on references from their past.

In this episode, we revisit the concept of past focus vs future focus and dive deeper into the power of using your imagination to create new possibilities in your life. And in this episode, I want to talk to you about the amazing Caron S. One of the essential skills that we teach to our Life Coach School coaches is how to listen to their clients.

ThetaHealing® Technique

Today, I want to teach this useful skill to you, so you can really hear when someone is saying something to you. Join me as I outline the 3 main components of effective communication and walk you step-by-step through the process of figuring out the true meaning of any conversation that you may engage in. I also pull back the curtain on the life and business of life coaches and talk about the main skillsets that every coach needs to master in order to have a successful business.

Today, Sira Gill and I dive deeper into the topic of organization and take a look at why it matters not just so you can have a clean house but also for so many other reasons and why you should consider putting your energy into organizing your life and home. This week, Shira Gill joins us to talk about making vital changes in our lives and how one change can have a huge impact on your entire life.

On this interview, we talk about how you can start organizing your cluttered home and touch on the tweaks that you can do in your life to start thinking about yourself as a person who's good at organizing. On this episode, we take a look at the reasons why we experience goal shame, how it is often triggered, and how it affects our ability to grow.

I talk about my personal experience with goal shame around my business and how I was able to work through it and share the lessons I have learned. Join us this week to find out how you can begin to shed goal shame in your life and business, set huge goals, and achieve them with a light heart that adds more value to the world. On this episode, I want to share a simple philosophy that will help you tremendously when looking for simple solutions to most complex problems.

Tune in as I outline a step-by-step process that you can use to solve any problem quickly and effectively. Listen in to discover how having compassion for all humans can give you strength, make you more capable of enacting change, and save you from a lot of suffering. A lot of my listeners and students ask me about the difference between therapy and coaching.

Sasha Heinz. Sasha has an incredible background rooted in social sciences and positive psychology. She joins me to discuss the number of positive psychology theories and concepts such as flow and grit, as well as the importance of continuous personal growth. This week, I want to talk to you about a concept — a powerful coaching tool — that I came up with to help my clients start thinking about themselves in a different way and start honoring their own plans. On this episode, I explain why having a minimum baseline is crucial to creating meaningful and consistent change in your life and how you can get started today.

I find it fascinating that people make money based on what they believe to be true; and most often, they believe that the amount of money they can make is limited by the amount of time they have to produce.

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They have the concept that they are getting paid for their time firmly ingrained in their minds. On this episode, we take a look at the power of being the best employee you can be, no matter where you work, and explore different ways you can add more value to your employer and live a more fulfilled life. In this episode of The Life Coach School , we take a look at why you absolutely must make decisions more often. Join me as I share my best tips to help you become more decisive, save time, catapult growth, boost your confidence, and achieve amazing results in any area of your life.

EVERY STEP COUNTS: An A-Z of quick tactics to help YOU be happy and positive

Listen in to find out what you can do to prevent miscommunicating your ideas and check out my best communication tips for different situations. On this episode, we explore how cognitive dissonance often prevents people from setting big goals and stalls progress. Join me as I explain how you can apply proven self-coaching tools to bridge the gap between your old beliefs and the new ones and achieve anything you desire in life.

For those of you who view shyness as a character trait that cannot be changed, I bring you good news: it can absolutely be changed. And in this episode, I will show you exactly how you can do it. In this episode, we explore how confirmation bias drives us to always prove our beliefs and how that process causes different people to see a different set of realities based on the same set of facts. Tune in to find out what you need to do in order to be able to use confirmation bias in the way that helps you get EXACTLY what it is that you want in your life.

This week, I actually had a different podcast planned for you all.

[PODCAST EP 19] Do I Need a Life Coach? - Laurel Vespi

In this message, Ryan reminds us to be grateful for what we have and how we can to be happy now instead of focusing on what we don't currently have. Tune in to find out how one marketing email from Amy started me on the journey that led me to building my business and achieving incredible success. As a society, we are deeply influenced by what others think about us, to a point that it holds us back from creating what we want to create in the world.

This episode is a collection of stories from six Self Coaching Scholars program members who have succeeded in different areas of their lives using the tools I teach on the podcast and in the program. Listen in as I walk you through a process of understanding your urges and give you the best way of dealing with any urge that comes up.

December is the perfect time to reflect on what you did last year and to plan where you will be at this time next year. In this episode, we put together some of the main concepts that I have taught over the course of this podcast. This episode is jam-packed with golden nuggets that are sure to not only remind you of some of my best self-coaching practices but also inspire you to go after the life that you want. Is it failing at your goal? Losing an investment?

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