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Willem becomes furious and storms into the adjacent room to attack the commander and wrestle him to the ground.

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They are empty. According to Ursula Sampath, Tucholsky seems to have aligned himself with the mainstream attitude of the time. Feelings of insecurity and estrangement from the world around [the artists] had pervaded the sensibility of most twentieth-century German artists to a much greater extent than ever before. Your brows knit from lis- tening—perhaps it is not there, the inner self? Overfed with business, with errands, with life, right? The result? Void—Sir should fall in love again!

Sir should not smoke so much! Slept poorly, he? He retreated into quietness and solitude and at the same time bemoaned the feeling of loneli- ness.

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Your deepest life sentiment— When did you feel it? With a friend?

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Always alone. Such was your life sentiment. With a woman? Buried it is in you. You want to live, But you are too busy to remember. Now there is still time…!

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GW 8: —71 19 The poem is astonishingly autobiographical and somewhat surprising consid- ering that Tucholsky had a very deep experience of love and friendship; yet he felt most at ease in Gripsholm Castle by himself. Those 20 episodes were written during his stay in France between July and June Two heaven dwellers converse about events on earth and develop a shattering life philosophy about human beings and their actions, presenting a collection of almost universal social pathologies.

A recurrent theme of these dialogues is lack of authenticity. God is morbid, men are dishonest, and lying has become the order of the day. Ten times seven years… Why…? You tell me, why?

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I understood less and less. Did you know there is a certain type of mentally ill people who are afraid of everything, and who are at a constant loss? They are always freezing, they tighten up when they get in touch with the world, tighter and tighter; and then they die. They stumble into the world of pessimism. For many years, particu- larly during the mid-years of my life, I had the feeling of being abandoned, of living as a child amongst adults, always sitting in on grown-up negotia- tions, whose meaning would always remain a conundrum to me.

They chatted, and I chatted, too—but some- thing in me was missing, something like a code, a key, a solution; I had no idea. And at night, I went home miserably. They, too, were lonely. Scared of the world. Why did you not seek them out? I absolutely despised them; I almost hated them. I thought of them as weak, demanding, uninteresting, crazy. In front of them, I mimicked life, a bus- tling life.

Besides, they brewed a different kind of melancholy, and so we did not understand each other GW 13— In Kaspar Haus- er, Wassermann created a character whose soul is the purest and most sensitive instrument for the unfathomable play of fate.

Daumer thus unwittingly made him aware of how much he did not belong, and of the disconnectedness between people. The world he lives in, and the world that perceives of him as productive, involved, and outspoken, suffocates Tuchol- sky as a world that cannot be understood and that will not understand him. He wrote 16 such stories between and A man named Kipper pays Wendriner a New Year visit and asks him to pay off the debt he owes. Wendri- ner talks himself out of it and manages to get an extension.

Blumann visits, who in turn owes Wendriner money and asks for a deferment. Wendriner rejects his plea, even though he is aware of the fact that this will bring great harm to the Blumann family.

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This episode is reminiscent of the parable of the unmerciful servant in Matthew 23—35 who refused to reciprocate kindness with kindness. Tucholsky invented for Kaspar Hauser the most biting satires. But in spite of his commitment to sat- ire, Tucholsky did not disregard the tragic aspect of the legend. If, as Anatole France once said, irony is the last phase of disappointment, the Wendriner can be read as an expression of the other side of Tucholsky that was marred by a deeply felt disaffection. Besides his own psychological make-up, however, Tucholsky himself has ample reason for his pessimism.

And indeed, for the past 15 years this left-wing intelligentsia has been continually the agent of all intellectual booms, from Activism, via Expressionism, to New Objectivity. Benjamin , Benjamin does not attack the feeling of despair as much as the ensuing lack of political engagement, and, in the case of Tucholsky, a certain cynicism that mocks but does not engage, that criticizes but does not translate into a political program. Here, he missed an experience that would have saved him from certain surprises in The crisis of Western culture that gave rise to this pessimism and mel- ancholia was a much debated topic before and during the Weimar Republic.

There were many others whose cultural and political pathologies were perceptive of the general Zeitgeist. His answer to this and to the rational intellectualism on the other hand is a spirituality nurtured by Chinese and Indian traditions. Yet he speaks against the democratic experiment of the Weimar Republic, as a supporter of the cult of courage of fallen soldiers that comes dangerously close to the pre- vailing philosophy of the National Socialists — As an existentialist philosopher, he advocated a new con- sciousness of being, not of ideologies — Like Tucholsky, they criticized the susceptibility of the bourgeoisie to National Socialism.

The discussion about the political and spiritual situation during Weimar times shows that while the most diverse writers and thinkers generally agreed on their diagnosis of the malady of the times, they had different ideas about the cure. If retrospect carries any weight of judgment, it would be wrong to ac- cuse a writer like Tucholsky of failing to combat the rise of National Socialism.

Obviously, none of the writers or philosophers of the time were able to do so, and most were either forced out or left for safety reasons, including Benjamin and Brecht. In a letter to his friend Hasenclever, Tucholsky writes in , My pessimism begins where it ends for other people, i. He describes the bourgeois citizen as anti- democratic people who accept everything so long as they are allowed to con- tinue earning money.

Of Tucholsky he writes: He has a strange, almost bitter feeling toward injustice in the world.


Some- times, one is inclined to think, he thrives on ferreting it out; he has pre- sumed it; he is ready to charge—and there! There it is! It is just as he had expected. This active pessimism already has unearthed a lot of good Becker and Maack Irrespective of how ineffective Tucholsky might have seemed to some and to himself, his twin embodiment of wit and warning created memorable social pathologies that are as compelling today as almost a century ago.

This estrangement is always a quarrel with the mysteriousness of the world Schmitz-Emans It is also a linguistic quar- rel. It was the same way with people.

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  4. Indeed, it seemed as though people stood behind a lattice of words that rendered their features strange and dreadful Wassermann Karl-Joseph Kuschel asserts that Tucholsky did not just polemicize against friend and foe, but also against himself. So too with Tucholsky. Here, for the time being I have settled in Bonn, the city where I grew up; though Berlin where I was born and lived for close to 10 years before moving to the U. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

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