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A second experiment had the same conditions, except that participants read a series of poems silently. The final experiment had participants read a work of narrative prose, also with the same conditions in regards to alliterative sounds in the literature.

In each experiment, participants had to recall both content and thematic aspects from the works that they read. The results of all three experiments underscore the interaction between alliteration and memory.

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In each of the experiments, participants in the same-alliteration condition were able to recall the most from the literature they read. Most importantly, the results demonstrate alliteration only works as a tool for memory when the alliterative sounds are similar; while the participants in the same-alliteration condition did well in each experiment, those in the other two conditions had similar, less impressive results.

Materials provided by Association for Psychological Science.


Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Erin A. Dolgoy is assistant professor of political science at Rhodes College. Bruce Peabody is professor of political science at Fairleigh Dickinson University. This is an excellent addition to the Series. All the essays are scholarly analyses based on a close reading of the stories, well written at a level accessible to undergraduates, thoughtful and imaginative in interpreting the stories and relating the questions they raise to the thinking of classical and contemporary philosophers as well as thinkers in other related fields, and accompanied by several pages of endnotes and comprehensive bibliographies.

Ralph Nader, "Breaking Through Power"

It is, in short, a very well-conceived and edited volume. The essays provide enough of food for thought to, ideally, stimulate the interest of undergraduates in both literature and philosophy. Through stories we come to understand ourselves -- and our political condition. Frank X. Nikita Gill. Lana Rafaela Cindric. Wallace Stevens. Louise Gluck.

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Atticus Poetry. Becca Lee. Tracy K. Jericho Brown. Samuel Wagan Watson. Jasmine B Cenci. Rainer Maria Rilke. Pablo Neruda.

First moments are sacred.

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    Description Pauline and Trevor was born, raised and educated in Barbados. With similar attributes and interests they have been writing since childhood. Both have traveled the world at some extent and have accumulated a lifetime of experiences between them, which they desire to share, with the intention to inspire and empower others.


    These siblings are like spiritual twins, they share a genetic symmetry which has developed in unity with their maturity. This book, Prose of Power, gives a glimpse of how change occurs over time - language changes, and changes in peoples' life-styles in particular. The reader is therefore taken along a journey of growth and change. Pauline had studied music, drama and the commercials industry when growing up, and became highly skilled with handicrafts and making music. Trevor's forte is one who is specialized in languages, health, travel and salsa dance, as well as writing poetry.

    As a medium of spiritual enlightenment, this small book encourages people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds, to move toward a higher awareness of the significance of Change, for a better future.