Murder on the Interstate ( A Logan & Cafferty Mystery/Suspense Novel )

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But, in late August you see grapes sunbathing in trays on their way to becoming raisins and the stores are full of clothes in autumn colors. Dana and Sarah are sixtyish — well into the golden fall years of life.

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There is the intelligence and maturity that middle age brings. Preferring the comfort of a motor home, they are moving through a dark rainy stretch of monotonous highway in Arizona when a sports car and pickup truck zip around them — jarring the almost dozing Dana back to wakefulness. She sees the sports car wrecked on the side of the road and gets out to help. She has just discovered the spider web pattern of glass broken by a bullet in the car window, when shots ring out and pass through the RV.

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The pickup speeds away and as Dana evaluates the damage on the motor home a big rig truck pulls up. What starts as a Good Samaritan act by the long haul driver morphs into a chase by lettuce truck, motor home and rental Hummer through the southwest as Dana and Sarah pursue the murderer. The two senior sleuths encounter gorgeous older men, flash floods and terrorists as they search for the truth. They escape bullets, embraces and ladies restroom windows as they try to stay alive long enough to bring the villain to justice.

This is a truly enjoyable novel that has the lightness of summer reading but the weight of real issues of national security and life in the western states. I highly recommend it! A winner will be chosen September 3, Registration information can be found at the convention website , or by sending an email to rb robinburcell. She graduated from Fresno Pacific with a B.

She now lives quietly, with more cats than she admits to, spending her free time doing accounting. Tagged as: authors , books , crime , interview , Jean Henry Mead , mystery , reading , reviews. Great interview and review!

Just downloaded to my Kindle—though reading queue is long! Hello Aunt Jean, I really enjoy your books.

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I look forward to reading your newest publication. Traveling in a motorhome was how I wanted to spend my retirement years. Thanks, Lori, Marilyn and Terell for the lovely interview and book review. I certainly miss the San Joaquin Valley.

Interview With Mystery Author Jean Henry Mead/Review/Giveaway

Hi, Carol, Madeline, Charlene and Shirley. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all get a chance to read the series. Great interview, Jean and Marilyn, and a super review, Terell. Murder on the Interstate sounds like my favorite kind of book. Hi I just read about the interview with my long time friend Jean.

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I am the other half like a sister. I am Marge. Have read all of her books. Enjoyed every one of them. She is a great long time friend.

Murder on the Interstate by Jean Henry Mead

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Madeline M. Gornell Reply. Thanks, Anne. They are excellent characters and I'm enjoying every minute I'm spending withn them.

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Post a Comment. Dana Logan and Sarah Cafferty are two feisty year-old amateur sleuths traveling Northern Arizona in their motorhome when they discover the body of a young woman in her Mercedes convertible. I decided to interview Sarah after they had helped to bring down a gang of homegrown terrorists:. Sarah: And expensive. Dana wrecked two motorhomes and two Hummers since the series started. Author: Why two Hummers?

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Sarah: You should know. You wrote the plot. I just sit down and type as fast as I can to keep up with you two. And you get into some of the darndest situations.