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Maryland teacher arrested after fighting with student. CNN projects: Louisiana governor wins reelection. Chemistry professors arrested for allegedly making meth.

Texas GOP leaders enter parents' battle over child's gender

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Immediate Music - The Mother of All Battles

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Aide confirms Trump-Sondland call about Ukraine investigations. The judge's order came just days after a jury rendered a verdict giving the mother sole conservatorship of the child. In her ruling, Judge Kim Cooks said a "substantial change in circumstances with child or parent," warranted her decision to award joint custody. Georgia school district reverses transgender-friendly bathroom policy after death threats. The child was considered to be male at birth.

The mother, pediatrician Anne Georgulas, has argued the child is a transgender girl. The father, Jeffrey Younger, maintains the child is a boy. In , Georgulas filed a lawsuit seeking to modify her custody agreement with Younger. She wanted Younger to affirm the child with a girl's name inside and outside the home, among other requests essentially forcing the father to embrace the child's gender expressions. Sophia is a natural, inquisitive student and a fast learner. Lulu started rebelling. This only makes Chua more determined to push onward, which in turn amplifies the tension in their household, producing a true battle of wills.

Chua will eventually be forced to evaluate her choices to be a tiger mother and reconcile the daughter she has with her own expectations. As she investigates her own assumptions, Chua is unafraid to poke fun at her flaws, yet she articulates her convictions with passion and precision. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is a funny, serious, smart read that is as entertaining as it is thought—provoking. Amy Chua is the John M. She lives with her husband, two daughters, and two Samoyeds in New Haven, Connecticut.

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In your introduction you note that this was supposed to be a book about parenting and it evolved into a different sort of story over time. What surprised you in the process of writing it? The narrator of my book is a patently flawed character—initially obtuse, boastful, outrageously overconfident—who goes through a crisis and transformation.

Much of the book is self—parody. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is a departure from your other books, which are more focused on politics and history.

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What made you decide to write something so personal? Actually, I wrote this book in a moment of crisis, when at age thirteen my younger daughter, Lulu, rebelled against my strict parenting and seemed to turn against everything I stood for. Around the same time, my younger sister, Katrin, got leukemia and had to have a bone marrow transplant. Her kids were just ten and one at the time. So I pulled back—not entirely, but we sat down and talked, and a lot of things changed. I showed every page to my daughters and my husband. It was like family therapy. In retrospect, I think writing the book—going back eighteen years to when my eldest daughter was born and I was a very different person—was an attempt to put the pieces back together and work things out for myself.

I did eight years of academic research for my first book, World on Fire , and five years of research for Day of Empire. I did zero research for Battle Hymn —it came from a completely different place.

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But if you read between the. How do you imagine your readers view you, and what image do you hope they will take away from this book? Some people will of course disagree with me, but I also received hundreds of e—mails from people—of all backgrounds, from all over the world—who wrote to say that my book made them laugh, cry, and understand their own families better. And this made everything worth it, and helped carry me through some of the rougher periods.

Mother loses custody battle over ‘permissive’ parenting style

Some of the most touching emails I received were from people who had grown up with a tiger mother. For example:. Your daughters were deeply involved with music throughout their childhoods. What sort of life lessons do children get from learning to play music at a young age? I definitely think that learning music can help instill a strong work ethic, self—discipline, and focus in children—skills that are particularly important in this age of constant media distractions.

Both the piano and the violin are capable of producing such beauty, something deeper and more meaningful than watching television or surfing the Internet for ten hours. I think both my daughters would agree with me on this one. How, for you, did this chapter change the narrative? The last lines of the book are:.

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We all have to die. But which way does that cut? Do you see this as a positive or negative attribute, and is it something you see in your daughters? On the contrary, I have a lot of fun.

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  8. Also, this may surprise people, but my daughters think of me as a kind of zany person. They are much more scared of their father! In America today, many parents are very permissive. Yet we have disturbingly high rates of teenage depression, anxiety, and low self—esteem. What values would you like to see passed on and what would you like to see evolve in the next generation? Both Sophia and Lulu were asked in an interview by The Guardian London what kind of parents they would be when they grew up. To my surprise, they both said they would be strict parents although both said they would allow a few more playdates.

    For understandable reasons, first—generation immigrants tend to focus mainly on their own family and the future of their children.