Moliere Today 2 (Contemporary Theatre Review)

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I have no idea if this was typical Moliere or not, so just enjoyed it as a period comedy, such as one would do for Shakespeare. Yes it was a bit zany and the first act too long, but the characters were well drawn and well acted, especially Orgon Great entertainment!

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The actors were energetic, funny, cleverly used body language to demonstrate a character's state and feeling. It was a wonderful afternoon at the theatre.

Tartuffe, National Theatre, review: a comedy from the past to give you very modern nightmares

Show was a lot of fun. First act was more engaging than the last where the actors started to chew up the scenery and the play went on for about twenty minutes too long. There was wasted time such as the vamping on the father's part, rummaging Great acting. Tartuffe was great. I thought he'd never appear. Too long first act.

2017 Molière's Tartuffe by Sylvaine Strike

Overall quite enjoyable. Top notch cast. In spite of the last minute substitute in the title role Kellam deftly moved his 'gang' through the farce serving up a hundred delicious bites of manic mayhem.

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The kid who wrote the play also deserves kudos. He should have a A classic Moliere comedy does not need additional slapstick, silliness and burlesque shtick. It can stand on its own. In this case, more is less. This was one of the best directed shows I've ever seen. The timing, coordination and movements were unique and perfect. The message of piety and hypocrisy is still relevant today. The actors were great and a good time was had by all. It was amazing!!

It was so fabulous to watch from beginning to end. Such unbelievable talent. I laughed from the beginning to the end. Don't miss it!!!!! Actually a lot of this production was terrific - but the part that wasn't was very boring and very annoying. It was if there were two plays: one a dusty and loud museum piece of commedia della arte, and the other an excellent drawing room comedy David Ball's definitive adaptation of Moliere's masterpiece 'Tartuffe' - a comedic skewering of religious hypocrisy - proves to be as relevant today as it was in the 17th century.

Generally, it was good, with some very excellent parts.

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Tartuffe, National Theatre, review: a comedy from the past to give you very modern nightmares

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