Goth Paradise (Turning Naughty Series #3)

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Heather Jordan. Jesus, Money and Work. Klaus Issler. David Francis Jeffery. The Stupidity of God. Emmanuel Iweha. The East London Ripper. Although I kind of doubt they would do anything that big on Christmas. Than again, Time of the Doctor was a Christmas special. It gets my vote as best Moffat climax, if only for the virtue of having a coherent plot that largely made sense. I mean there were plenty of fridge logic moments like why were the Cybermen stored in x-ray water and what did the Cybermen use to build their bodies even if every drop contained the blueprint for an entire Cybermen it takes more than a blueprint to construct a machine , or the lack of explanation about how Missy came to be in charge of a cyber-army, or pretty much anything else, really.

So better than Big Bang Two, but not as good as Doomsday for me.

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But then I like finding out how the villain escaped from certain death last time. Hand waving it away or ignoring it completely always feels like a cheat. Goodness me, that was messy. Missy was good. The rest of it What a letdown. Oh well. Also, there were some sweet 8th Doctor comic homages, from the Cybermen making it rain, to feeling pain being linked to empathy, to the Master trying to prove the Doctor is just like them. That looks like fun. Let me give it a go. And I'm pretty sure I got a few wrong.

Can we lose those?

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You'd think they'd rate a mention? And I kept doing double-takes.