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I found this course incredibly stimulating. A wonderfully structured introduction to European philosophy.

All modules well presented. How lucky we are to have learning like this at our fingertips. Allan Hazlett Much of what we think about the world we believe on the basis of what other people say.

But is this trust in other people's testimony justified? Hume and Reid's dispute about testimony represents a clash between two worldviews that would continue to clash for centuries: a skeptical and often secular worldview, eager to question everything represented by Hume , and a conservative and often religious worldview, keen to defend common sense represented by Reid.

Hume on Religion (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy/Spring Edition)

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This Course Video Transcript This course will introduce you to some of the main areas of research in contemporary philosophy. From the lesson. Introduction: Hume on Testimony and Miracles Reid's Challenge to Hume Reid's Argument Kant, the Enlightenment and Intellectual Autonomy The Value of Intellectual Autonomy Taught By.

Of Miracles

In this book, one of our leading historians of philosophy offers a systematic response to these attacks. Arguing that these criticisms have--from the very start--rested on misreadings, Robert Fogelin begins by providing a narrative of the way Hume's argument actually unfolds. What Hume's critics and even some of his defenders have failed to see is that Hume's primary argument depends on fixing the appropriate standards of evaluating testimony presented on behalf of a miracle. Given the definition of a miracle, Hume quite reasonably argues that the standards for evaluating such testimony must be extremely high.

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  • Of Miracles by David Hume.
  • Hume on Religion.
  • David Hume’s (–) Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding – Modern Philosophy.

Hume then argues that, as a matter of fact, no testimony on behalf of a religious miracle has even come close to meeting the appropriate standards for acceptance. Fogelin illustrates that Hume's critics have consistently misunderstood the structure of this argument--and have saddled Hume with perfectly awful arguments not found in the text.

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  7. He responds first to some early critics of Hume's argument and then to two recent critics, David Johnson and John Earman. Fogelin's goal, however, is not to "bash the bashers," but rather to show that Hume's treatment of miracles has a coherence, depth, and power that makes it still the best work on the subject.

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