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A mystery culprit

This is a prefect read, especially accompanied by some pakoras and chai! Vish Puri is the best detective in all India… and most probably the world! Read about his extraordinary cases, meet his undercover team and explore Delhi and its culinary delights! Shot in Delhi with a local actor playing Indian detective Vish Puri, this video was made to promote 'The Delhi Detective's Handbook' and showcases the Indian capital, Delhi, one of the most complex cities in the world.

Why would normal cells carry genes that cause cancer? Scientists eventually learned that src makes a type of protein called a kinase. Kinases are enzymes — proteins that speed up chemical reactions. This sticking-on of phosphates is called phosphorylation.

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Kinases help control growth and reproduction in cells, among other behaviors. Normally, they are active for a time, then the cell switches them off. The mutant version of the src gene, found in RSV, makes a kinase that is essentially on all the time, like a gas pedal stuck to the floor. Resh says.

Getting infected with RSV is one way to acquire this mischievous oncogene. Since src was discovered, scientists have found numerous other oncogenes in cells.

A Chicken Mystery

Many, like src , encode protein kinases. In their normal form, they are referred to as proto-oncogenes; in their mutated cancer-causing form, they are called oncogenes.

Knowing which genes and proteins are malfunctioning to cause cancer opens the door to targeted therapies directed at these bad actors. Src was the first oncogene identified and also the first tyrosine protein kinase, making it a good drug target. Chickens are also a good cancer model because their telomeres are regulated like ours.

Evil Nun And The Pet Chicken In Car Accident

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Skip to main content. That was really the first hint that cancer, or a tumor, could be transmitted by a microscopic, noncellular agent — what we now call a virus. While whole-genome sequencing showed that the Listeria bacteria making people sick in the U.

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Department of Agriculture because it handled that part of the investigation. As of today Nov.

Confirmed outbreak victims reported illness onset dates beginning July 20, , through Aug. The outbreak investigation, which used whole-genome sequencing to test the Listeria, showed that bacteria isolated from ill people were closely related genetically.

Chicken and all it's mysteries: Chicken out!

This means that people in this outbreak were more likely to share a common source of infection. The victims ranged in age from 35 to 92 years. Sixty-three percent of ill people were female. Of 23 ill people with information available, 22 hospitalizations were reported.