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Nov 7, Nils Gilman. November 7, Nils Gilman. Oct 19, Nils Gilman. October 19, Nils Gilman. Oct 4, Nils Gilman. October 4, Nils Gilman. Aug 27, Nils Gilman. August 27, Nils Gilman. May 2, Nils Gilman. Apr 17, Nils Gilman. April 17, Nils Gilman. Mar 2, Nils Gilman. March 2, Nils Gilman. Feb 26, Tobias Rees. February 26, Tobias Rees. Jan 1, Nils Gilman. I now watch homes in the summer for Canadian snowbirds. Trees die in Arizona in the summer. My customers seem to think I was not checking the irrigation and increasing it enough.

Recently I sent a picture of a citrus tree to a customer who has a professional landscaper trim his yard all summer. It had a dead branch. He asked me to trim it. The tree was entirely composed of rootstock. The customer is asking all sorts of questions I am not qualified to answer. I have seen over and over where snowbirds have found the graft dead and cut it off and said the tree was fine and coming back.

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If the fruit-bearing graft is dead, should the tree be removed, or can it be kept as a healthy ornamental? Interesting conundrum you find yourself in. Most definitely, a citrus tree that has only rootstock still alive can be kept as a healthy ornamental. My neighbor has three or four just like that: beautiful, vigorous, fragrant, but with worthless fruit. They are often grown from cuttings.

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If the fruit on your tree is the Meyer lemons you expect, then you probably have no rootstock sucker problem. Hi Greg.

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I planted 4 Satsuma citrus trees last year which are growing fine. My question is. On the trees some of the branches are normal round and there are some branches are long in triangle shape is this normal growth on Satsuma trees?. Should I remove these weird branches or leave them?. Citrus trees do that, including Satsumas. My young Satsuma has a few angular branches; even my big old Valencia orange tree gets some of them. They are usually fast-growing and unfruitful branches, and they often shoot very vertically. Do so if you want.

I usually just leave them be. Hi, I have an orange tree I planted 16 years ago. The three has to main branches coming from the trunk. The real tree and the sucker. Is this feasible? Can I email you a picture? Doing the pruning in the late winter is probably also ideal because the sun is weak and the tree will start growing new leaves about then.

Hi, I have a young avocado tree about ft tall, hasnt produced fruit yet and I see a rootstock sucker rapidly growing.

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What happens if I let it grow? Could I get 2 kinds of avocados on my tree? Can they live in harmony as long as I prime the sucker before it takes over the tree? Yes, you are right on all accounts, as long your tree is a grafted tree. You can also experiment with grafting onto that rootstock sucker so that you get a second kind of fruit but a known kind. Hi Greg, I had a wonderful bearss lime tre that produced thousands of juicy limes every year for 8 years.

All of a sudden it dried up branch by branch and died. I live in Orange County California. Will it grow back and produce??? This is such a fascinating article- thank you so much! Is that correct? Thank you!! My grandma had a navel orange tree cut almost to the ground, but a couple inches above the graft union, and now it is regrowing and that growth is navel orange branches. Is it possible for a tree to only be suckers from the rootstock?

I have a navel Orange tree and Persian lime tree and all their branches died off at one point in time. It almost even appears that the trunk above the growth is brown and dead. Your choices now are to plant new trees, keep the rootstock trees for ornamental purposes, or try to graft onto them. GREAT information, thanks for sharing. I have a miniature Meyer lemon growing in a 30 gallon pot. It is in its second year and has a few fruit.

Recently It started shooting up with 2 very dominant branches, I was quite happy until I noticed they look different. Thinking they may be rootstock I started researching. Am I right in assuming these are rootstock and should remove them? Will cutting them off shock the rest of the tree? This is a common type of rootstock for citrus. I have a pink lemonade tree that had a lot of sucker branches sprouting but even after painting the root stock with white latex, they are still sprouting.

What can I do now? Your email address will not be published. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Error: No connected account. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account. So keep an eye out, and cut any rootstock suckers off immediately.

Beware the Mandarins

You might also like to read: When and how to prune citrus trees Your fruit tree is grafted — why and so what? Oranges and mandarins fresh off the tree almost all year Facebook. Greg Alder on September 22, at pm. Pam on June 1, at pm. Greg Alder on June 4, at pm.

Hi Pam, You can probably cut off all of the rootstock growth and rebuild the tree as only mandarin branches, but now is a slightly dangerous time to do it since summer heat is about to hit and branches that had been shaded but are newly exposed to the sun may get sunburned — even if you paint them with white latex for protection. Emily Ence on December 11, at pm. Greg Alder on December 11, at pm. Hi Emily, So lucky that your new house has fruit trees! Elizabeth Stockstill on November 5, at am.