Ball Dont Lie

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These innovations attracted audiences and thereby established a grassroots basketball network outside of formal institutions. He also recognizes that the supposedly neutral language used to describe the dunk represents an effort of white basketball unconscious to police and control the black autonomy that the dunk expresses.

Based on his reading of the analysis of the U.

The white basketball unconscious responded to James by viciously emasculating him, denying him the manhood that his decision in fact expressed. Collaborative inventiveness, rather than individual inevitability, characterizes his perspective of James.

With ‘Ball Don’t Lie,’ Wallace Keeps Technicals Flowing

Through an accessible and entertaining work, he powerfully captures how sport communicates ideas about race that have broad implications and, in turn, how sport provides a productive lens for scholars to explore them. You can contact her at cat. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. With the Knicks ahead, , Wallace, the N. Technical foul No.

Wallace, though, was merely getting started. And with that, he received his second technical, and an automatic ejection. He was sent to the showers, not having broken a sweat.

Ball Don't Lie

Like other aphoristic phrases in the N. It is usually said when what is perceived to be a bad call does not result in a score, but instead a turnover or a missed shot. View all New York Times newsletters.

No other N. And upon his arrival to the Knicks, he wasted no time dusting it off: on Nov.

Ball Don’t Lie | TCU

Wallace was then playing for the Portland Trail Blazers. He said it all the time.

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