Architects Sketches: Dialogue and Design

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The new architectural typology gathers both current and future needs, focusing on the social pedagogic work with neglected children and youth. The project was realized with support from the A. Services: User involvement, sketch proposal, fundraising, jury membership, development of business model, website with blog and film. Aarhus School of Architecture. NORD is the client consultant for the development of the new Aarhus School of Architecture, which includes safeguarding of user involvement, functionality, architecture and communication with authorities.

The prestige competition to build the new architecture school was won by a young and recently graduated team. NORD continues as client consultant until the building is completed. Services: User involvement, needs analysis, stress testing of building plot, space program, competition brief, examination and quality assurance of turnkey project, consultancy regarding tendering in turnkey project. EUC College. Size: 5. NORD completed a needs analysis and sketch proposal for future additions in several phases. The goal was to find the preferred functional advantages, right amount flexibility and connectivity — combined with economic considerations for each scenario.

The buildings contain several types of workshops and classrooms. Services: User involvement, dialogue with authorities, space program, sketch proposal. It is an informal gathering place with focus on motion and activities, that facilitates and inspires common experiences — for schools, clubs, associations and private persons. The building is orchestrated, in accordance to the diverse types of sports and social functions, as a welcoming initiative for spontaneous social activities in a large-scale city district.

NORD has facilitated the user involvement with analyses, workshops and dialogue meetings before completing a program and an outline proposal. Services: User involvement, space program, design specifications. Results Packs. About us. Fact Sheet.

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Result in Brief. Objective This research project is based on the notion that, because of their specific interaction with space, people with particular dis-abilities are able to appreciate spatial qualities or detect misfits in the environment that most architects—or other designers—are not even aware of. The experiences and subsequent insights of these dis-abled people, so it is argued, represent a considerable knowledge resource that would complement and enrich the professional expertise of architects and designers in general.

This argument forms the basis for a methodological and theoretical exploration of a multi-sensorial design approach in architecture. In this way, the research project aims to develop a more profound understanding of how the concept of Design for All can be realised in architectural practice.

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At least as important, however, is its contribution to innovation in architecture tout court. The research results are expected to give a powerful impulse to quality improvement of the built environment by stimulating and supporting the development of innovative design concepts. Activity type Higher or Secondary Education Establishments.

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Website Contact the organisation. Principal Investigator Ann Heylighen Prof. Project information AIDA.

Status Closed project. Start date 1 May End date 31 October Engaging disabled people in improving architectural design How disabled people interact with their surroundings and their deep experiential knowledge can complement and enhance the work of architects and designers. The EU-funded AIDA Architectural design in dialogue with dis-ability theoretical and methodological exploration of a multi-sensorial design approach in architecture project aimed at understanding to what extent the vast multi-sensory experiences of disabled people can benefit architectural practices and design overall.

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Project partners developed state-of-the-art theories and novel research approaches to tap into the experience of both disabled people and designers. They carried out extensive research on the everyday activities and spatial experience of disabled people, and conducted building visits with them.

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  7. The AIDA team performed several case studies that reconstructed the design process of notable design initiatives where disability played a key role. It interviewed clients, architects and accessibility consultants, and visited various sites with and without disabled people. Researchers chose a real-world competition design to determine situations for including people with sensory impairments to serve as experts in the design team. Professional architects and designers collaborated with blind people to establish how architectural design processes can be improved.

    Overall, the findings showed that by approaching architecture from a disability perspective, architects and designers will broaden their concept of space itself and understanding of design, leading to innovative solutions. By involving disabled people, the quality of life of all citizens will improve. Discover other articles in the same domain of application.

    Considering them as experts, and as actors of innovation, they became implied in the development of scientific facts and technological artefacts or processes. Moreover, through continuous cross-disciplinary collaboration between social sciences and architectural design i. Consequently, conventional blind spots of both disciplines—such as epistemological questions in architectural design, and techno-scientific questions in social sciences—were addressed and dealt with, resulting in more robust cross-disciplinary research and scientific knowledge production.

    Architects Sketches: Dialogue and Design

    The research design was set up around three tracks. The disability experience track sought to flesh out disability experience of the built environment, by conducting ethnographic research over a longer period on mundane activities and into spatial experience of disabled people, and by conducting buildings visits with them. The retrospective design track covered various case studies that reconstruct the design process of exceptional design projects in which disability seems to have played a key role.

    To this end, interviews with various actors client, architect s , accessibility advisor were combined with document analysis and site visits, with and without disabled people. In the real-time design track, a real-world competition design was selected to explore scenarios for involving people with sensory impairments as experts in the design team.

    Engaging disabled people in improving architectural design

    An architecture office was teamed up with persons who are blind, and the design process is studied as it unfolds. Throughout these three tracks, we developed innovative approaches to gain empirical access to the experiential knowledge of others—be it disabled people, designers, or both. These notions include a the notion of space itself—not a mere visual void between the objects making up its boundaries, but in itself a filled entity with its own sensory qualities that can be designed deliberately; and b aspects of the process of designing—e.

    Therefore we advance the multiverse as new metaphor for design practice, allowing for disability experience and knowledge practice to partake in the design process. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

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